hollywood 1127 arrived yesterday, without customs charges, yay :D

big thumbs up to dress vintage for top customer service.

even bigger yay for the yardage - i've seen a couple of copies of this pattern in circulation, but never the back of the envelope. i figured i'd do contrast collar/cuffs if necessary, but with luck i should be able to squeeze the whole thing out of my 3 2/3 yards (actual requirement is 3 3/4 but that includes facings and i could probably skimp on the hem a little). i hoped that being a mid-war pattern it would be pretty economical and it really is, it has pretty much a layout for every size and the pieces are well and truly tretrissed on :)

thing is though, i've been leafing through some 1940s pics recently and so many of the dresses have white/collar cuffs i'm beginning to wonder if i'd rather do that anyway...