it didn't take me that long to mull it over :D

did i pick well?

thanks to rasputnik for turning a negative into a positive. i found a not-quite-so-perfect-but-similar-enough-to-be-a-contender vogue pattern and i was trying to decide between them. the vogue was in my size (yay for 40s proportions!) while this one isn't. he asked which i'd learn most from. seeing as i'd have to grade it up the hollywood is the clear winner when you look at it like that.

why so perfect? princess line, pleats, flattering neckline, slight puff to the sleeves but not too much volume, sleeve cuffs, and i really like the side buttons. i'm sure the cute picture showing it made up in a similar print to mine doesn't hurt at all - i don't have to make a huge leap of imagination to be fairly certain it will work, i'm not keen to take unnecessary risks with this one.

i realise these are mostly details that could be adapted/tweaked from a similar pattern, and i even briefly considered drafting my own version, but i have a slightly more realistic assessment of my skillz at this point.

for ref, burdastyle on grading up