yay for learning to knit! yay for beginner yarn that doesn’t show beginner knitting mistakes! there are only 2 really obvious goofs i’ve spotted, a dirty great hole and a stitch that goes straight across for some odd reason. the fact that i meander between slipping the last stitch and knitting it doesn’t show enough to count. i didn’t like the reduced stretch slipping the stitch gave to the edge, even if it was a bit neater.

i don’t count the fact that i changed from english to combined knitting half way through either, as far as i can tell there isn’t any difference in the fabric itself. combined knitting was a godsend with the 2x2 rib, moving the yarn back and front was a doddle. although overall i was probably slower because i’ve done wee bits of swatch knitting and way back when i was a kid i’m sure i tried to learn to knit and that was all english style, so i was kind of familiar with the movements.

i used 3 yarns, all bfl - straight oatmeal, straight humbug and a random chunky mix of the 2. i was hoping for a more random distribution of the blocks, but it’s come out looking quite designed (lol, my inner control freak surfacing no doubt). the way the colour blending’s worked up is very educational for me to know, though i can’t say i’m greatly struck by it. i’m very pleased there’s no screamingly obvious weight discrepancies. it’s turned out very warm, surprisingly dense and drapey. there’s a very slight prickle which i’m a bit disappointed by, perhaps that’s the ultimate test, as it feels fine on my face. i’ll be interested to see whether that’s still there with the silk blend i’m spinning at the moment (with a lower twist).

i’ve been wearing it round the house all night and will probably wear it to bed. it’s fucking arctic here at the moment.