i think i've reached the point where there's no good reason to blog every yarn i spin, which is a milestone of sorts. my most recent is more bfl for the scarf i'm knitting (aka my first ever knitting that isn't a swatch, which is practice for a scarf made from the bfl/silk if i ever finish spinning it, i really don't like spinning from the fold).

it's hopefully a similar wpi, very roughly 85 yds. i got more humbug instead of the plain brown/grey i'd ordered and wanted something else for the scarf that was different from the humbug and oatmeal i'd already spun. don't think i blogged the oatmeal as it was the second half of the very first bfl i tried, even though it turned out as a very different yarn (so my yarn numbering system is already a bit askew and i think i might have to abandon it altogether - should i count things like the teeny lengths of thread i ran up for the slippers? i think the system might be falling apart, but then i'd be tempted to think up names, and, try as i might, i can't get my head round the idea of naming yarns. i also like the sense of perspective i get from the numbering system).

anyway, for the colour i predrafted handfuls of the oatmeal and humbug side by side, aiming for a bit of patchiness, so that hopefully i'd get strong colour combinations in the ply rather than an even blend - i want it to look distinct from the 0ther yarns. i do have some white bfl i could also throw in, but i need t find out how much of a scarf 200g makes as that's all i have of the bfl/silk, less accounting for swatching.

the yarn's pretty well balanced, just a 1/4 S twist in the final skein, so a little overplied but that's because i never took a plied reference sample and instead guessed at what it should look like.