i've been completely remiss blogging full coloriffic swaporama details, although i did put loads of pix on flickr. suffice to say this was a totally enjoyable swap, both to give and receive. this was a first coloriffic for both both me and my sender elena and we did pretty damn well for newbies, doncha think? i think a lot of the fun came from the restriction of having a limited colour palette, but those colours being ones i could happily work with. the cream, lavender and black combo for april made me shudder i'm afraid, and i'm not sure i'd enjoy the additional "freedom" of may's mega 4-colour choice either. so i'm happy to sit back and wait for a colour that sparks my interest again (um, yellow anyone?) although when i'm likely to find the chance in the near future is anyone's guess.

and shannon, i'm totally up for a swap at some point - especially if it involves french knots :D - but right now would be a dreadful time for me to commit to anything. ask me again in about 4 months time, once i have an idea of whether our new arrival is a sleeper or not :?

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