it's a bit of an understatement to say that i'm more of a starter than a finisher by nature. most of the joy i get from finishing a project comes from clearing the way to start the next thing. and tbh that's generally tempered by the fact that i've usually already started on the next thing :roll: my little room has become a veritable shitheap treasure trove of WiPs at various stages of completion recently.

so today when i was given something wonderful - a whole afternoon to myself - i decided to get round to a bit of finishing. i feel sooo cleansed and productive. after 3 weeks of school holidays the feeling of making genuine progress, of doing a job and it not being undone behind your back 10 minutes later, is a rare relief.

i worked through my mending pile, sewing buttons, darts and binding, i learned how to kitchener stitch knitting and how to hemstich handwovens, and while i'm not blogging everything just now (which marks a project as well and truly finished) i took pictures which is the time consuming bit. i've even done some long-overdue paperwork and i may yet get round to my teetering pile of admin before the night's out.

i only warped the loom shown in the picture last night and the project is still ongoing, but i did finish the shandy, and a couple more :D