i have a very special bag to make (luckily for someone who doesn't read here) and have been mulling over the possibilities for a while. it's gradually coming together and seeing this bag over at fivegallonbucket has pushed me a little further in the right direction i think.

ballsy bag

the base will be black alpaca a) because i have some and b) because the recipient is allergic to wool. she reckons a wool bag should be okay since she wouldn't be touching it all the time, but i've heard alpaca can be better for some allergies so i thought that would be on the safer side. i'll line with some yet-to-be-acquired fabulous fabric, hopefully silk. i'll spin some silk for the strap (have just ordered from fyberspates) and probably blend the silk and alpaca for some accent yarn.

now i'm having happy thoughts about felting some round beads or, if the alpaca's not keen to felt, making pompoms (though making sure they don't fall to bits is the challenge there i reckon). a handful of co-ordinating glass beads and we should be there i reckon.