i've ordered my wheel - a kiwi with all the bits (although the jumbo flyer is out of stock and should follow within the month).

i really really wanted a lendrum but when i contacted the only uk supplier i was informed there's a 3 month waiting list. that kind of pissed me off as i specifically asked him not much more than a month ago if there was likely to be a wait and he didn't mention one. tbh i've been utterly underwhelmed by their service on every occasion i've contacted them, so i'm very happy that my custom has gone elsewhere.

i dithered a bit on the kiwi as i suddenly realised that although it's pretty compact it doesn't fold, which was high on my priority list. but we've decided that if we can't find a corner to squeeze it into (and it would be a squeeze) it can always sit up in our bedroom during the day and just come down in the evenings.

i'm also not over keen on having to finish it myself, but i guess that's how they keep it affordable. was pondering whether to do somthing fancy, but read a good point that dings and chips would blend in much better with a natural/oiled finish. but will scout around and see whether inspiration strikes.

i ordered from www.twistfibrecraft.co.uk who couldn't have been more friendly and helpful over the phone. they seem to be cheapest in the uk by a reasonable margin. the whole kit & caboodle, including high speed kit, jumbo flyer and skeiner (which should come in very handy, i get horribly frustrated dealing with skeins and i keep wrapping my pvc niddy too tight and snapping the joints) came in at less than the lendrum (wheel only) and shipped free. the order should dispatch today from the distributors, so with luck might be with me by the weekend