next batch of ongoing projects:

#1 scarf: will get more bfl for this as i don't think i can make what i have stretch. can play with other colours then too. having looked again the last batch, although wonderfully soft, is woefully plied, so i might even skip that batch and start with another. i think it would make sense to try to spin it all consecutively as every time i do another spindle the consistency changes again! at least that way i might be able to keep it relatively even. also then i could try to make a much finer (though hopefully just as soft) yarn and use the double sided stocking stitch, which i really like. i think stripes really are the only sensible option here, since as soon as i look at patterns things get much more complicated.

#2 rug: this is my big project. i like the crochet plan, and i think i'll go with the carrying the yarn technique as i love the colour effects. will have to research good rug wools (i'm thinking lustrous longwools) and techniques (worsted? maybe navajo ply)

#3 baskets, boxes, bowls: these should be handy to use up my experimental yarns, and the cheviot i'll keep practicing the dyeing on.

#4 mystery project. i'm about to test a bfl sample for felting, if it works i think i'll get some extra white bfl and use that. or maybe the merino? not sure 4oz will be enough though.