i really don't understand how it's possible to get soooo excited by a bag of fluff. but it is.

obviously i dived in for the most eyecatching first - a huuuuuge hank of space dyed merino pencil roving (lol better not let on to jane, she thinks using tops is cheating :D) which was an emergency last minute purchase as i need to skip the experimental dying stage for this project. i got every colour of bfl, plus a bfl/tussah blend that looks utterly beautiful - i didn't dare open the bag as i wasn't sure i'd be able to stop stroking it long enough to go out and collect madam from playgroup... there's also some general purpose merino and some aimless merino/silk, which will be fun finding a project for. and last but not least some more rug wools: dark grey herdwick, which looks fun and hairy and some black welsh which i think might be totally wasted in a rug - it's much softer than i expected (though i kinda guessed it might be since they also do it in a silk blend). the colour is just gorgeous, just as easy to get excited about as the flashier dyed stuff. this time at least i will make a few short samples and not force anything into becoming something it doesn't want to be.

mmmmm fluff :D