bound seams a little much for a toile? i will be taking out the tailor tacks!

and in other news, mystery shopping :D

eta: heh. i wrote this before i read yesterday's discussion on gertie's new blog. i've only ever made a couple of garments for me before and i had no real idea how my measurements were likely to match up with commercial patterns. but i also knew that this pattern would take a lot of work before i could get any true sense of fit, and i'm not one to want to do the same thing twice. so i figured i'd make up the bodice in cheap but wearable cotton first, before deciding if it was worth the extra 4m ( :shock:) for the skirt. it's shaping up no worse than much of my rtw, perhaps a bit on the big side, but i don't think i'm going to get a true sense of the fit, especially ease required for movement, until i've worn it about a bit. so perhaps not a "muslin" in the true sense of the word, but - hopefully! - wearable nonetheless.