innit? not reflecting a total lack of activity, just a lull.

various things are in progress, i'm onto the second front for my cardi, i must get on with ordering some buttons.

i'm also working on a waistcoat that should have been a piece of cake, but has taken some very involved fussy cutting and an awful lot of experimenting with my latest new toy.

it's a bound buttonhole maker, by rencrest, 1955. i assume it works the same as the widely feted dritz version, but with a lot less competition on ebay :P i've worked through a few variations, hence the electrical tape markings, to allow me to work slightly in from the very edge, which works fine for longer buttonholes (for enormous buttons!) but not so well for the 1/2 - 3/4" ones i need to make.

i've been delving further into the 1940s too, fuelled by excessive reading over at the fedora lounge. i was pipped at the post to a rather fetching cc41 bra on ebay yesterday, although tbh i was grateful not only because i am still beyond skint* but also because it would have been a miracle had the thing actually fit. i was planning on rubbing off a copy, which could be tweaked as required, then selling the original on.

*the hollywood pattern book went for a good price in the end, would have been £60+ including uk shipping, thankfully. had it gone for the opening price i'd have been gutted!

i've been playing around with pincurls this weekend which has been a whole load of fun. i've always gone for "striking" hairdos, which in the past i've achieved with cut and colour (i think the only colour i've never had is green) and never spent much/any time actually styling the stuff. but i've recently chosen an uncharacteristically natural shade (dark brown, not my natural shade, but still... ) so i'm enjoying the chance to spice it up with more unusual styles. it's going to take a hell of a lot bit more practice before the curls are fit to wear as they are, but i absolutely love the volume/texture it gives my mostly straight and slippery hair. i've been able to do this 1940s style, which i adore, entirely ratless which makes me happy :)

i think it's a sign i'm on the right track that (to me, at least) i look like my grandma :D

returning to radio silence for a while, i expect, i have a birthday party/half term/camping just around the corner so blogging will have to take a back seat.