somebody please buy this, it is the most beautiful thing i've seen in months: the fishing line. if i weren't utterly stony broke from spending all my money at spoonflower (oops!) i'd be finding many ways of talking myself into needing it. (via whipup)

there's something about fish en masse, like these from syko and these by jane foster that really (ahem) floats my boat.

if i ever get the time to prioritise working on my embroidery skills i know exactly what i'll make: a pair of samplers, one in shades of green, with trees, each tree worked in a different stitch, ditto with fish in blue. but in the mean time, i think i can i can feel some fish bunting coming on... :D

(random fish from the 365 last year. which reminds me, i really must update the project, i've been taking the pictures, just not uploading them. since G and M have been sharing a room the past few days it feels as though i'm on the verge of getting a semblance of a life back. perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel?)