woohoo! my new fabrics arrived :D

i got a whole batch of stuff from www.michas-stoffecke.de - floral and stripe cottons, stretch denims, some wonderfully soft stripy cord, fleece, terry, sherpa and some of the quilted fabric that’s used in the mum’s bodywarmer in the current ottobre (in orange). the prices weren’t particularly cheap, though i got most stuff on sale, but they’re fabrics i just can’t find locally (even with half a dozen fabric shops just round the corner).

delivery was really quick and shipping charges were very reasonable: 14. the only spanner in the works was paying by bank transfer which cost another £10 (through lloyds, most banks want to charge £25). i’m no expert but the fabrics look to be great quality - even the very thin stuff doesn’t feel flimsy at all. if i get a chance i’ll take a picture of them laid out in daylight.

now i have enough fabric and patterns to keep me busy for most of the next year :D