i've only knitted once with a circular needle, and it was a truly horrific experience. the tips were plastic (shudder - and nasty plastic at that) and the stitches snagged every time on the join (ouch). but i hear of so many people who only knit with circs, especially in the states, i figured it must be worth eventually giving it another go, with a decent set of needles.

i have visions of the kidsilk scarf in lengthwise stripes (as well as thinking baby blankets lately too) and i think it may take some experimentation to get the right needle size. yeah, so i can swatch on straights but i'm intrigued by the knitpicks interchangeables i've heard such good things about and i'm currently flush :D

so there's me totally psyched up to treat myself and then i find they don't ship internationally :cry: how stone age is that?

not fair (pouts and stamps feet)