the working title for knit and tonic's drive-thru jumper/cardi appealed to me immensely, can't imagine why...

these look fabby, but i'm left bemoaning the lack of resonably cheap wool yarn available over here. there seems to be naff all between overpriced "designer" and flippin plastic. actually, texere have a rather lush looking aran weight bfl which i'm waiting on as i type. it's still nearly £3/50g i figured i only have a small project to do, so why not give it a try.

anyway, as soon as the pattern comes up (waiting with baited breath) i'm going to check the yarn requirements and prolly put in an order with elann, since even though the shipping doubles the price, it's still cheaper than anything i can find here. depressing, eh?

oh and i don't plan to knit these but i've miserably failed to spin any (well, enough) knitting wool for nanny so i thought she might like these while she's waiting.