urgh why does any vestige of rationality disappear whenever shopping is involved?

a) i haven't finished my first pair of socks, they're taking much longer than i expected, i'm getting quite bored and have a whole heap of non-knitting projects i want to finish, plus i want my next (eventual) knitting project to be non-socky, probably using my sari silk. so WHY am i lusting after sock yarn?

b) i am not and will never be predominantly a knitter, i have knitted a grand total of 2 and 9/10 items, none of which was complicated enough to require markers, i think it will be a long time before i tackle any pattern which needs them. moreover, i make stitchmarkers. i make crochet ones (which i will use) and knitting ones (which i probably won't), i have a whole stash of supplies including some very cute beads just waiting to be turned into markers. damnit i even have little tins to keep them in. so WHY am i lusting after stitch markers? (specifically the little blue and white ceramic animals).

must resist...