i've had plenty of chance to have buyers remorse over this impulse purchase from sundance catalog. i ordered 2 in complementary colour ways and justified the purchase by deciding to give them to the girls. they've been on back order for weeks and the second has only just shipped. if it gets caught for customs like this one did we may not catch sight of it until the autumn.

but i've realised that for all the expensive blanket purchases i've agonised over i've never once regretted any. blankets make me happy. and this one turned out to be so much softer than i could have imagined. i even had second thoughts about exactly whose blankets they are to be - will the girls love and appreciate and care for them as much as i would? is it too much extravagance to give them such expensive things? they'd be just as happy with something disposable from ikea, right?

D suggested i give this blanket (which is nominally G's, as M has her sights set on the orange and pink one to come) a trial run on our bed last night, that G was unlikely to notice. but almost as soon as she came up to wake us this morning (having been up for ages and fixed herself a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast :shock: ) M said accusingly "did you ask G if you could borrow her blanket?" and started chatting away excitedly about her orange one. i'm amazed she could see a thing through the blackout-blind gloom, but i guess that's that cunning plan scuppered...

btw the quilt it's resting on is last year's expensive blanket impulse buy, from habitat :D