more acquisition than creation going on around here lately, so here’s here’s the lowdown on my latest scores. (lots of pictures + not much text is prolly a recipe for disaster layout-wise, but what the hell.

i struck lucky at a local fabric shop. it mostly stocks decor fabrics so i rarely venture in, but it does have a well stocked end of lines clearance section. i picked up a couple of these sample books for discontinued ranges. i wouldn’t have known what to do with them before i started thinking about quilting, but now i couldn’t resist. i also picked up a couple of curtain samples for 50p each

they remind me of this amy butler fabric, and i really like the colourway, it’s fresh and very different from my usual inclinations.

i’m still rockin the vintage bedding - all these pillowcases from ebay.

this purchase was pure blind paper-lust-at-first-sight when i discovered emmarose papery. these notecards are letterpressed and have a crisp weighty, tactile impression that oozes quality. apparently they’re opening a london office any moment. yay!

and finally, i got superbuzzy.

it was the russian doll fabric that lured me in:

i’d been pining for it ever since i saw alex use it - but i appear to be in an unexpected yellow phase at the moment cos this is the one that i love best right now.