a parcel arrived this morning. i was expecting it, but i certainly wasn't expecting it to be so very beautifully presented. you should have seen my face :D


this is part of the reason why i love to shop indie, the time and effort that goes into every aspect of the work is tangible. it's as though the creativity and aesthetic sense bubbles through whether you like it or not.

but you might be forgiven for missing the whole point of the package from the previous pic. what i was expecting were these:


fabulously original coral and silver earrings from boldsimple @etsy. the first earrings i've bought for about 7 or 8 years after i'd pretty much decided i don't do earrings any more. how much do they rock?

ps how are the pix looking? i made my little light tent, but i think my lamp just isn't bright enough. they're also disappointingly grainy - although i guess that could be from being set to 400 iso, is digi the same as film in that respect? happy with the white balance though, had forgotten i had settings for that.