i can find out very little about peter hall, except that he designed textiles in the late 60’s for places like heals, was a contemporary of barbara brown, and that his work is held in the v&a. he seems to have been quite a revivalist, clearly drawing inspiration from nouveau and deco styles, which i’m all in favour of.

i once briefly owned these curtains:

petrus, as seen in the v&a but a rather more palatable colour scheme :) unfortunately the fabric itself wasn’t the loveliest, a dull heavy crepe cotton. i was rather scandalised by the price i was prepared to pay for them and was shocked to say the least when i managed to sell them on at a profit - i realised that since i was intent on cutting them up i probably wasn’t a responsible enough owner.

so you can imagine my heart skipped a beat when i saw this fabric on ebay:

the design is candida, for moygashel. very art & craftsy, on a much more manageable scale than the petrus curtains. i’d assumed the fabric was cotton, i’d never heard of moygashel, but having read up on them i guess it’s more likely to be linen or a linen blend, though how to distinguish linen from cotton i don’t know - the burn test info sounds pretty similar.

brand new, never used, crisp and bright, slightly musty.

but that’s not the best bit - this is the best bit: i got it in four colourways! count em!

four :D :happy dance: and there’s serious yardage too. the vintage fabric appreciation squad must have been asleep when it was up cos including the shipping i got it for just over £2/m.


any plans i have never really got past the “own it” stage, so i’ll enjoy letting it mellow in my stash a little while while the ideas form.

edit: i found a tag! it’s 75% cotton 25% modal (“modal is a modified viscose fibre, made exclusively from beach wood pulp” in case anyone was wondering). the label is on the green and gives the colour as 006, raising the tantalising possibility of at least 2 more to collect…