time to show off some recent purchases again.

whipup got me thinking merimekko a little while ago. and since i seem to shop nowhere else nowadays (and given that marimekko fabrics retail at £30+/m) i hotfooted it off to ebay.

i turned up a set of napkins in sarafan print from crate & barrell that were still bargainous even with shipping from the states:

and these fabulous limited edition marimekko-inspired screen prints by jane foster

unfortunately what with all the recent shopping i can’t actually afford to frame them at the moment. but i’m hoping i might be able to wrangle that out of the budget for redecorating our downstairs rooms.

oh and before you ask, yes, if whipup told me to jump off a cliff i probably would if i believed there was some kind of artistic merit in it :P

and then i made an unexpected charity shop score. there was a whole set of 70s part-work knitting binders (the knitting collection by hamlyn), now whilst i fully appreciate the comedy value of reams of unredeemably awful knitting patterns, i just don’t have the shelf space (or the budget at £2.50 a volume - i think there were 8 in all). so i committed a cardinal sin (for a one-time-would-be-librarian) and split the set. i took just the first 2, useful, volumes:

vol 1:

  • techniques
  • knitting know-how
  • finishings and trims
  • children’s knitting cards
  • adapting and designing

vol 2:

  • folk knitting
  • stitch and pattern library

good stuff :D