got me silk :D found a long sumptuous silk brocade dress in a charity shop today.

the silk is in really good nick, barely a snag or anything, although the dress seems well used and is starting to come apart at the seams. i’m hoping this means it should withstand being a lining okay. there’s also an equal amount of a lighter weight plain black lining that i can use to line the strap and stop it stretching. the whole vibe of the bag is turning out much more delicate than i envisaged, i hope it’ll be fit for more than just an evening bag.

and i just couldn’t pass up this fabulous turquoise wrap at £1.50.

i gimped the colour so it’s a very close match for the real thing. it’s very loosely woven and slightly felted (by the manufacturer, doesn’t seem accidental). i was planning to felt and chop up into a bag or something, but me and madam have been fighting over who gets to snuggle up in it on the sofa and i think it might have already become a fixture au naturel.

i’m very behind the times in my current turquoise phase, isn’t it all a bit passe now?