well, it counts as finished when it's at the photo-taking stage, right? ;)

will have to wait for daylight to actually get the pictures, but v1 of v1044 is at the photo-taking stage (after a damn good pressing).

i've learned a million things through the construction of this wearable muslin. i count myself as an advanced beginner when it comes to dressmaking (actually, that seems to be where i peak with most of my endeavors :lol:) and i would never have had the courage to approach this pattern (which turned out to be rather trickier than i recklessly anticipated) without the sense that this was a trial run.

v2 will hopefully improve on fit: v1 is at least half a size too big.

it will improve on length: v1 is too long, and somewhat wonky.

it will improve on drape: v1 is too droopy, this dress begs for a fabric with a really crisp hand.

it will improve on economy: no ridiculous 12" hem next time, i'm planning to add tucks like on M's alice dress to hold the skirt out.

it will have a proper belt: the part that gave me most trouble and that i'm least happy with on v1.

it will have the best buttons in the world: this was where the whole project started, and i'm itching to put them to use.