time for a much-needed step back from hopelessly chasing the next pattern for me - time for a kid project. links for ref:

back view

reference pattern (okay any hint of it being a mystery is gone now... )

reference pic: tucks, shoulder frill

i'm thinking of tweaking the traditional look along 50s lines (natch), not least because i have yards and yards of dotted swiss aching to be made up into something. in that vein i'm also thinking ricrac :D

john tenniel's original illustrations clearly show a border on the white pinny, but are obviously black and white. i assumed the red i've seen in costumes etc. was a disney thing, but apparently not. to my mind there wouldn't be any red involved, but thinking about making the outfit i'd really love the excuse to ricrac it up a bit.

decisions, decisions...

eta: reference pattern 2