a nice gentle warm up for me and the janome. pattern is drawn around an apron of ours. fabric is superbuzzy. pocket is matched

purely by coincidence - i thought briefly about matching, thought it would be too hard/wasteful of fabric, so just cut a corner, laid it on and realised how close it was to matching (so it isn’t quite centred but the pull of the match was stronger than the pull of the symmetry).

i knew i wanted it both lined and bound which led to a little head-scratching over how to sew the neck strap into the seam, whilst running the binding all around.

it ended up with a little gap on the back

but i’m pleased with how neatly i managed the join at the front, and the mitred corners

i’m not happy with the binding at all though really - it’s too thin so the pattern shows through, and i’ve no idea how it will stand up to washing. this is one of the reasons that i find it easier to make things to give away, as then i won’t be looking at it all the time and wishing i’d done it different, so it’s easier to let the mistakes go (as i’m fairly sure that they don’t stick out like sore thumbs to other people like they do to me).

and on the subject of washing that’s my biggest oops with this - i totally forgot to prewash the fabric :roll: what with that and the binding (which i imagine will collapse pretty much, as it feels strongly starched/treated) i don’t have huge hopes for this surviving at all well.

oh as for scale, it’s a 2nd birthday present, so fairly tiny. i hoped that the pink trim would lift the rather sophisticated print and make it more kid-friendly. i packed it with miniature pots, pans, cutters, utensils and a rolling pin (courtesy of ikea) so i hope the recipient will have fun spotting all the different items on the fabric.

largely inspired by the sets manda was doing at treefall a little while back.