M has been away with the grandparents for 2 whole glorious days, giving me 2 whole glorious days to do stuff in glorious peace and quiet. i'll be very glad to see her when she gets back in half an hour or so, but since this is likely to be the last stretch of time i get to myself for a long while, i've been making the most of it.

first i got the new banner stitched together. it's all stitched as you see it, no clever special effects, but i photoshopped out the white foreground fabric. i fused the foreground onto a firm interfacing to allow me to just cut the letters out - there was no way i was going to turn under all those edges, no siree. i wanted to include as many of my different interests in it as possible:

  • s is made from recycled fabric (my favourite festival-going dress of all time)
  • t is merino/bfl felt that i made and dyed with food colours
  • i is ready-dyed merino that i blended on hand cards, spun and knitted
  • t is crocheted
  • c is more of the carded/spun/knitted merino
  • h is vintage fabric, you can't really see the pattern but it's a fabulous ?60's tree print, i have a whole set of large curtains in this plus some spare bits. i can't bear to part with them even though it's unlikely i'll ever have anywhere to hang them.

i'm really pleased with how it turned out, i had this idea for it way back when i first thought about revamping the blog and it's almost exactly how i imagined. any layout problems with it - if it does anything weird on your browser - or takes forever to load - do please let me know.