apols for lack of v1044 pics - i got waylaid last night by the lure of burning stuff whilst drinking beer. hopefully i can catch a few tomorrow. may get a bit soggy though.

in the meantime, i bring you the pictorial guide to modern home needlecraft. it was my treat to myself for finishing the alice dress on time. i've only had a brief look through, but what really stands out to distinguish it from modern books (my edition says "reprinted 1946") is the emphasis on "Mend and Make Do".

the section entitled "Renovating, repairing and cutting down worn garments" is full of these kind of gems, i'm particularly taken by "camoflage for underarm shabbiness" :D

i also like the inclusion of underwear, something that rarely seems to get a mention these days. after being inspired by debi's recent triumph with satinny things i get the feeling that slinkies might be somewhere on my horizon...

if you're taken by these pics i have a few more on my flickr, or grab your own copy of mhn, can be easily found on ebay for a fiver or so.