so much for being set up for life with fabric and patterns. to ease my pain at missing out on the serger i decided to spend the money it would have cost on patterns and fabric from michas stoffecke again. that's a lot of fabric :lol: . i ordered various summery things with orange to co-ordinate with the stuff i've already got, then a new bunch of blues, because i love her in blue and all the knitting nanny's been doing is purple for some reason (reason being that was my pick of the sale yarns), so i want something that will actually go. i also got some winter bits and pieces that were on sale, so she should have a couple of jackets for next year. i also got a rather expensive but irresistable knit so i can make a cross-over top for me.

the patterns are entirely down to spending the morning drooling over sanna's creations: roos 2085 (for the apron) and 2088 (for the trousers and raglan sleeve dress). i quite fancy trying my hand at a reversible apron, though i should probably try it as directed first. the only roos review i could find on pr (spookily posted today) doesn't rate the instructions very highly, so even having a german sil on hand to translate might not be enough.

i love shopping almost as much as i love getting parcels :D