the whole spoonflower process is concentrating my mind wonderfully on colour profiles, colour spaces, colour modes... there's an ongoing discussion on the spoonflower flickr group that is (slowly) enlightening me about all this stuff.

my only encounter with colour profiles to date has been the issue where i found my images appear much less saturated on flickr than they do in photoshop. in an attempt to address this i tweaked a few ps settings according to some random dude's suggestions, without really understanding what i was doing, and ended up in sRGB. i don't think this is the main cause of my colour shifts with spoonflower, but i don't think it can have helped.

it does appear to have been the right thing to do for my saturation problem at least, according to this very helpful page: "Using Adobe RGB for web images leads to washed-out looking colors in applications that are not color aware (i.e. most web browsers)".

but it looks as though i'm going to have to get a proper handle on the whole thing so i can flip between settings depending on what i'm working on. as part of my attempt to do that i'll drop any helpful links i can find here:

update: stephen at spoonflower says they are hoping to be able to make an icc profile available for download at some point in the future. yay :)