• textile design development course notes from the south west institute of tafe.
  • that link via true up (kim from dioramarama's other home) which is turning out to be a fantastic source of info and inspiration. she also has an amazon shop piled high with indispensible books for fabriholics - imagine how happy you could make the fabriholic in your life who has a birthday coming up ;) ;)
  • design sponge: how to make a repeat pattern: the cut-and-stick way. i used a great online tutorial for the photoshop offset filter to get started with my spoonflower fabrics but i can't find it anywhere now - it used a photo of a flower and involved duplicating layers and erasing to the underneath one - don't suppose anyone knows the one i mean?
  • making plaids in photoshop from the plaid queen herself michelle of cicada studio

hopefully will come up with more links to drop here anon.