i can't believe how tiny my latest jumper came out. i can't look at it without laughing. it was cheaper than my usual charity shop finds, nicole farhi, dry clean only, size L. so i bunged it on my usual 90 wash and hey presto, it's stiff as a board and too small for my toddler :D it's so cute i'm not sure i'll be able to bring myself to cut it up. don't know whether a pic will really convey it, but i'll get one in the morning.

i was dead good today, i resisted a really tasty moss green textured jumper in the same shop. it was thick enough to work great without any fulling which is handy since it's acrylic. lol i haven't quite let go of this one have i? a phrase i just read is resonating at the moment "snag it while you can for tomorrow it may be gone". ahhhh i might have to go back. i resisted cos it's a colour i'm inextricably drawn to and much too similar to bag 2 (only better), i was trying to be disciplined. but it would set off those buttons a treat... maybe i should set myself a challenge - see how different a bag i can turn out with near-identical materials. and see if i can steer clear of the too-obvious flowers/grass kind of vibe.

i'm getting better at picking out the bargains though - i got a grey cardi that i wasn't over-keen on for the blanket but i was swayed by a nice metal zip and detatchable fake fur cuffs and collars plus a bonus handful of tiny buttons that can all be reused. dd was running round the garden being a "scarecrow" with the cuffs on her arms and a beard/scarf to keep her warm.