in the planning stages. i have fabric stashed for a double quilt for me, which is staying well and truly stashed until i've worked up to it. i've got fabric on the way for a single for madam, but again i want to get some practice in first. so i'm planning a series of mini quilts to get a grip on the piecing, which i think i'll try hand quilting - so that i can play with different quilting styles without having to master machine quilting at the same time. i enjoy handwork, i'm quite painstaking and reasonably patient, and i'm hoping that hand quilting will give me the control i need. i'm not over fussed on teeny stitches so i'm hoping that reduces the stress potential.

i've got 2 plans, one in blues on white, taking inspiration from islamic art. links:
geometry in islamic design
islamic floral patterns and geometry
origami star (part of an astonishing set of original origami designs via flickr)

the second i'm thinking of shades of deep red, geometric but loose, inspired by gunta stolzl's weavings. i love keiko goke's use of light and shade in her log cabin work, it has that bauhaus feel and i particularly like how she breaks up the shadow with the bright striped sashing in this quilt, similar to stolzl's flashes of black and white.