at the park

i got my xpro pics back today (hats off to spectrum imaging's lightning-fast turnaround) and i have to say i'm really enjoying that all-analogue weirdiness, especially after all the muted colours of the polas/ttv. the overexposures where my lightmeter died show a really extreme colour shift (to red/magenta, a surprise when i was expecting blue from the tungsten balanced film). i prefer the in-betweeny ones that are correctly exposed but brightly lit/high colour subjects. i really like the building site ones but they're from the sunday and i already have a pic for day 10.

i spent far too long for a very pregnant person lying in an awkward position setting up this shot, waiting for them to drift into the frame. when they finally did i had to take what i could get so they were way off centre and i've cropped this. i don't want to make any other adjustments to these pics as i reckon it defeats the object. in an ideal world i'd darken the foreground, but i'm pleased that this has come out otherwise fairly like i'd hoped.

except of course that - unless you're using safari - i can't show it to you as i see it (you have to take my word they're even better than they look here :D) thanks to something to do with colour profiles that i kind of get and kind of don't. i'd really like to show these fully saturated/contrasty as that's pretty much the point. i understand what i've read about it, but i can't get the supposed fixes to work for me, so far. in my quest to get a handle on it i have calibrated my monitor though, and adjusted my gamma from mac-standard 1.8 to pc-standard 2.2. my whole online world looks rather different, much more contrasty. i can't say i care for it much at the moment, but i guess my images (especially the polas that i match on screen to what i have in my hand) will prolly lighten up a whole load as a result.

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