my newest toy.

i have very much to learn, but i'm having fun doing it. i have to learn how to make the best of the format and the lens and to move out of my comfort zone of predictable shots (it's so much wider than i like it's much harder to control what gets into the frame).

i have to learn how to use a lightmeter. (or not)

or failing that how to improve poor exposures in photoshop (duplicate layer, blending>soft light to correct overexposure, blending>screen to correct underexposure).

i have to learn how to see into the corners. i love this shot - everyone's staring at the loony woman pulling the guy in the cart around. thing is, i didn't see any of this through the viewfinder as it's so damned dark at the edges. i have to learn to accept the happy coincidences. i have to learn to keep my fingers out of the way :oops: (hence the crop).

i have to learn how to move counterintuitively to keep the horizontals horizontal (everything's flipped left to right in the viewfinder). and i have to find out whether i can scan my negs on our flatbed scanner. these are all low res scans from the lab, handy for a quick post but useless to demonstrate the fun of 6x6 negs and the amount of detail they capture. i'm rather fond of this shot, it's exposed exactly as i saw it, i'm pleased that it has detail in the sky and the shadows.