can't ... resist... must have... new category... :D

a quiet week here that i've spent mostly stalking the elusive sx-70 across the plains of ebay. it's not that they're hard to find, just damned expensive for something that's utterly outdated and ridiculously expensive to feed. of course they also happen to be damned gorgeous and produce inimitable pictures. damnit. i haven't found the perfect one (i.e. cheap but working and not one of the brown and black ones which really are too ugly for words) yet, and given that patience isn't one of my greatest virtues i'll prolly end up paying more than i'd like just so i can have one sooner rather than later.
update: found it :D yes i maxed the budget but it looks like a winner, fingers crossed.

if you want to know what i'm on about see this fab film (crappy sound quality):

and if you want to know what they can do see polanoid (filter by camera sx-70) or flickr or oliver wang's archive - i love this picture beyond words:

shanghai 10 - oliver wang