yay pattern is up, and it uses as little yarn as i was hoping. and i took the plunge and went for cascade 220 superwash from ebay. the shipping was very reasonable, i loved the bright clear colours and i figured that washability really is worth paying for in kids' clothes. so these (got yarn for both jumper and cardi) will end up as a minor indulgence, rather than cheapo, but i always doubted it would really work out like that.

i've doubled up on the yoke colours, will be pink on both, with green or blue for the body (main colour at left of swatches). fair dos, couldn't beat that watermelon colourway. the red one's lovely too, but madam's only new jumper so far this winter is red, and she looks lovely in blue.

main blueyoke bluelight pinkdark pink

main greenyoke greenlight pinkdark pink

fab :D