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messages re the dress i'm making for dd next (not accesible unless you're a member of the group). poor dab she's been a bit neglected recently stitch-wise. all her trousers are at half mast now. if only i could spin toddler clothes she'd be fine :D

for my ref, sizing. dd's 92 high but measures wider. she's tall for her age and another growth spurt soon wouldn't surprise me. last time i was making her stuff she was between 86 and 92. generally the ottobre cut seems to run short and wide, people have commented that this dress is wide, and it does look it in the pix. so i'm going for 92 width but 98 length in the hope we can get plenty of wear out of it. it's above the knee in the pictures so i figure there's room for more length and i can always hem it shorter if it looks utterly ridiculous. i'm going to follow the 92 armscye line as again it looks wide across the chestin the pix, but cut the pattern into horizontal sections as per 98.