all done save a bit of handstitching down the facings and the obligatory blue velcro. these pics show the colour/texture of the fabric much better than the skirt ones, it really is gorgeous. i think they look very very groovy. it’s a better use of the fabric than the skirt because there’s that much more surface area. it might have been nice to have spare to play with to try matching patterns at least on the pockets if nowhere else, but equally it could have been a lot of hard work for little return.

as it was they didn’t give me too many headaches. the zip was easier than the first time, but i still screwed up the waistband. thankfully nothing that a bit of unpicking couldn’t fix (at one point of despair i thought i’d have to chop the whole lot off) and it’s less mangled than the skirt beacuse i didn’t try to topstitch with the triple straight stitch.

there was a bit of rippling around the pockets but that’s down to the stretch in the fabric and could have been much worse. the biggest mess came right at the end, when i couldn’t be bothered to unpick and fix it. one of the facings for the hems was a wee bit narrower than the leg itself. i should have unpicked and redone but by then i’d already zigzagged the edges and hoped i’d be able to ease the difference in. then i thought i’d been all clever and made sure that i sewed everything in towards the inseam so even if was left with a tuck of fabric it would be where no-one would see. as it happens there is a huge tuck and i wasn’t sewing the way i thought i was so it’s right on the side seam in pride of place :rolleyes: it’s a good test of how big a cock-up you can make before people notice i guess.

i left off the belt loops again and i decided not to topstitch along the top of the facings, entirely a design-driven decision not to interfere with the fabric and not at all because i totally ran out of brown thread :P half the seams and the bobbin thread for half the topstitching is a fetching denim blue leftover from the dungies… that article came in very handy for doing the scallops. without guidance i wouldn’t have had the confidence to snip deep and often enough and they’ve come out very smooth which seems to be down to pressing before i snipped. i think the interfacing i used might have been a bit on the stiff side - they stand up on their own :lol: