it came together very quickly at the end. i decided to leave off the back pockets, partly because i didn’t want to do more fiddly work, but mostly because i wanted the large-scale pattern to show, which it doesn’t really on the front as there are so many small pieces.

it’s really not too bad overall, the mistakes won’t show from any distance or with a t-shirt over the top. i’ve no idea how it’s likely to fit (i did the smallest pattern size, a 92). there isn’t any extra length in the back, but there does seem to be a fair bit of width and a nice rounded shape to the back, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

i have just realised, though, that i’ve put the yoke on upside down :lol: i was a bit confused by the pieces, and i noticed a kind of peak in the top CB as i was sewing. just now i spotted the nap on the yoke and back don’t match and i know i double checked everything was the right way up when i cut. ahh that would explain the notches being in a funny place too :lol:

well i reckon i’m best off having a go at the trousers while all the mistakes are fresh in my mind. and what a relief it’ll be to move onto something nice and simple like the crossover top i’ve been pining for. i reckon even i’d have problems putting that together upside down :D

the images are the best compromise i could make between showing the structure of the skirt and the colour/detail of the fabric.