i finally got my major deadline work out of the way and got in a bit of sewing yesterday. it was quite slow going - i got the front of the skirt mostly done, but have to rip and redo one of the pockets as it's not lying properly. once again it didn't occur to me that what looks simple enough actually takes a fair bit of work. the front vents are great (though they don't quite match i'm sure no-one would notice) but i had problems trying to understitch the pocket linings and had to rip it out. in the end i just clipped the curves and topstitched, which seems to do exactly the same job, not quite sure why you'd need to understitch too.

looking at the pieces there seems to be quite a difference in length between front and back. i hope there is as she's never worn skirts cos they hang funny over her big nappies and given the perfect fit of the dungies i'm hoping the skirt will be similarly accommodating.

i'm very glad i'm starting with (and making my mistakes on) the skirt, as the trousers are likely to get more wear, so i'd rather they were the better sewn of the two. i reckon i'll definitely need a practice run to get the zip right. it's nice to get the feel of the fabric too. it's been fine so far, although i didn't finish the edges of the skirt before i joined the pieces as per instructions cos i was worried about it stretching out of shape and being difficult to match up. of course now i realise there's no way to get the machine in to finish it now it's together (hence instructions) and i'm left with a bit of hand finishing to do. but it's such a small skirt it won't take any time and i'm not sure whether it would have been such a neat fit if i had finished it first.

the cord's standing up surprisingly well to pressing, though it definitely helps to use brown paper under the seams to stop them showing through onto the right side, even if it is a bit fiddly.

i'm not expecting to get a lot done tonight, but it's so addictive doing something so small - the next step will only take a minute, then the next one and next thing you look up and it's one in the morning...