i didn't preshrink the fabric for the dungies :cry:

the weirdest thing is it's not as though i just forgot i needed to do it, but for some reason i was sure i already had. i read on this very useful page that some denims carry on shrinking in subsequent washes but not poly/cottons and i thought "ooh good i don't have to wash it again".

i was alerted to the fact that i hadn't prewashed when i was trying them for size earlier and some of the turquoise inside rubbed off on her nappy wrap and though "that's odd, it's almost as though i hadn't prewashed it...". although i didn't remember actually doing the washing that's nothing unusual for me (hence the name of my homepage and the reason i need so many blogs). but then i realised i didn't remember ironing it either. now that i would remember cos i hate ironing and had a real struggle with the sheeting for the pjs.

they're in the wash now - i'm just glad i realised before i started hacking off the straps to get the fit right. i've got everything crossed that they won't be beyond rescue, and hoping that the fact that they have some poly in them might just save me from a mangled wreck. there was plenty of length in the leg and also round the middle, but i needed all the crotch depth there was to get the fit i liked (with the top of the bib high up on the chest).

i put a sticker on the bottom of my camera that says "set film speed!", i think i'd better get one on the sewing machine that says "prewash fabric!" smilies not worky