i had a sudden realisation yesterday when i put on my vogue 1044 "wearable" muslin. it really is too big :( as in unwearably so :cry: the extra is mostly around the bust and shoulders, i really don't think there are any alterations i can make that would fix it.

i guess before i was too close to the project to be able to assess it objectively, but yesterday i realised that were it rtw i would immediately be reaching for the next size down and i'd try the one below that for good measure, too. which is a little worrysome as the pattern i have only goes down one more size, not sure i can face either buying it again or grading down the one i have.

i suppose i have to put it down as a learning experience. when i first came across the pattern i was planning to sign up for a sewing class - focussing on fitting, oh the irony - but couldn't really afford it, so i could see the time and money invested in the dress as my diy version of the class. still, it really hurts to know i've sunk so much into something i simply cannot use. i've made stuff that didn't quite work out before, but usually it's been on a much smaller scale, or still been functional even if not pleasing to the eye.

it's just a shame that my first foray into dressmaking for me in a very long time has turned out to be a rather large purple white elephant. i think i really need to pause and focus on what i can learn from this to take into my next project. this garment sewing is proving to be a steeper learning curve than i anticipated...