so how did i manage to miss lomo for so long? lomography.

i'm a sucker for weirdy cameras and films - i'm particularly attached to the murky, out of focus, poor resolution, colour-casted pictures i've taken over the years. particular winners in those stakes were our first digi camera the matchbox sized l'espion (max 352 x 288 resolution :D) and the instax mini with its fuji blues.

what particularly appeals about lomo is that it's not a proprietory film format, so as long as there's 35mm there'll be lomo. i also like the idea of cross-processing slide film as negative to intensify the weirdy colour thing as seen here (lomo) and here (general). i just had a surprisingly helpful chat with jessops who said that while they won't cross-process there is an online company who will, though i've yet to find them.

from having a quicky shufty about a lot depends on your processing. most places correct the colours, which is exactly what you don't want. i've read advice to just slap a digi filter over a standard photo but that's gonna take away the randomness of your weirdy effects and the interplay between the lens, the film and the light.

there's a flickr group on xpro so i'll have a read up there and maybe just play around with what weirdy effects i can get out of my slr before i start thinking about adding a lomo to my wishlist.

edit: peak imaging do mail order and they'll xpro, and it sounds like snappy snaps are worth a try too.

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