in about a month our second baby is due. while i envy those women who are driven/able to keep working on their own stuff with a very small baby, i'm also very much aware that i'm not one of them. our experience last time (of a very unsettled baby) combined with my understanding of my own limitations tells me that i'm unlikely to be rocking the cradle with one foot while working the sewing machine with the other, or crocheting during feeds. actually the latter sounds more possible, but i think it's unlikely that i'll be together enough to be planning projects, yunno. and besides, i want to turn the focus onto being a full-on mum for a while at least.

i have 3 works in progress - one crochet, one knitted, and a quilt - at least 2 of which i hope to have finished before junior arrives, but otherwise i don't expect to have much craft to show over the next few months. i will undoubtedly still be reading so will probably have links and ideas to post, but my guess is they'll be sketchy and sporadic.

i do want to keep some kind of momentum going, though, as i've found the blog a really valuable motivating factor in pursuing a rewarding crafty side to my life. so i wondered whether a photo diary might be a good low-key project for me during my "break" (ha :D ).

i really enjoyed the colour week exercise and a single photo a day isn't too onerous. it's a good excuse to play with the polaroid (haven't got my hands on it yet...) as well as the nikon, which i haven't yet really come to grips with, although it's turning out some nice pix for me. and while i won't be posting baby pics as such (cos i feel i have no right to post pix of my kids in a public space until they can give informed consent) i'm sure junior will get his/her share of attention once the camera is out. everyone says you take fewer pics of your second (and subsequent...) so i figure this should level the playing field a little.

now i'm not promising to post a pic every day, but i will try to take one. i understand this totally changes the focus of the blog for the reader - and these days i appear to have quite a few, which alarms me more than it really should - but it's totally consistent for me as this has always been my journal/notebook for whatever i was pursuing at the time, it just so happened that those interests overlapped in a semi-coherent way. but apologies to those who demand craft content, although i'm sure normal service will be resumed in - oooh - a year or so? perhaps sooner.

and maybe there's one or two of you out there who are taking first/second steps in learning how to take better pictures who fancy coming along for the ride. (heh, what this post could really do with is a few pictures...)