... so i was gone a while.

in the interim there was drinking and dancing and camping (i think those are the latest pix in the side bar) and running :shock: and tattooing and lots of laughing and far too much message boarding and just a bit of going a bit loopy. pretty average kind of year really :)

there was a wee bit of knitting, some life drawing - which was fun, will try to upload some - but otherwise not masses of arting/crafting going on. but we're approaching a bit of a watershed, G starts playgroup in the new year, so i might just be able to snatch some of that stuff i believe they call Free Time.

i'll be doing a bit of dusting around here, will be moving the furniture about again no doubt (apols in advance for broken pics, links etc.), and hopefully bringing some new craft content to the place. if there's anyone still out there reading do please say hello :)