here we are again, flickering back into life (although not flickring, no time to post pics). i'm stupidly busy at the moment, but i can feel an end in sight. we had some work done on the house which entailed moving out for nearly a month and weeks of painting before things can get back into place. but it's finally coming together at last.

the upshot of all this work is a gloriously peaceful new bedroom (even with piles of bags and half-made furniture it's pretty calm) and - squee! - a play/work room, which is to be shared, but means i'll finally have a dedicated place to work. i'm still putting the flatpacks together, but when that's done i'll have a proper home for all (i hope!) my materials (it's a very big cupboard :D ) instead of everything being stuffed into random nooks and crannies all over the place.

and the prospect of a work space is sparking off all kinds of new projects and ideas. the 365 is still ongoing although i've stumbled badly recently, but the fibre and fabric is calling again. so i should finally have blogworthy news.

baby G turned 1 10 days ago. life moves on :D