i'm still here, despite appearances :)

i was really hoping to get the chance to reply individually to everyone's kind comments following the feature on my house quilt at sew mama sew. but since baby G is turning into toddler G at an alarming rate of knots i now have about an hour to myself over the space of a week. she's totally wobbly and doesn't have the sense not to hurl herself backwards head first when she loses her balance, so i'm literally hovering behind her ready to catch her most of the time she's awake.

so here i am at least acknowledging all the comments - and those that trickle in from people who are making/have made bender or boo - it's so lovely to hear that people are drawing inspiration, no matter how little, from something i've done.

click is a bit less dusty than it is around here, although nowadays i'm finding it even harder just to find the time to take a single picture in a day (let alone develop/scan film or write a blog post) i've totally forgotten twice in the last fortnight. still, i'm ploughing on with the 365 project. i think i'll prolly extend it to 365 pictures in total, allowing for the odd gap (3 so far in 120-something days).