i just wanted to post a quick roundup and thanks to julie for the chance to play. it's introduced me to a whole slew of new blogs and given me the motivation to go out and take pictures just for the hell of it (even completely exhausted, the challenge moved me out of my early bed to get the day's shot). it's made a refreshing change from documenting either my crafts or my family life, which is what i do most of the time. i love just making pictures, they're never going to be groundbreaking or really say anything, but when i get it right i find them pleasing. they're quiet and i like that.

and i just have to mention maditi who i found through this challenge (flickr | blog). i've mentioned before my love for weird and wonderful cameras and film formats with their quirky characteristics and atmospheric colour casts. maditi, who works in a variety of formats, not least polaroid, just excels at exploiting this so perfectly. i don't think i've seen a single one of her pictures i wouldn't hang on my wall to keep looking at for years. happily you can buy signed prints, posters and postcards of her polaroids in her etsy shop.

and now i'm off to find out what the web has to say on the sx-70 ;)