until recently i’d always posted small size images like this…

… that link to a larger version in the gallery. then i changed to include larger sized images, like the ones on my recent posts. now i’m coming to rather like the text wrapping with smaller images (if i can get it under control a little) but i don’t think it works with the larger ones.

i like the fact that smaller images make the page faster to load, and i like the fact that it keeps the whole site looking cleaner. i like having a large number of posts on the front page rather than expecting people to dig around in the archives, and the smaller images help with that too.

on the other hand - does anyone really bother to click through on the smaller images? do they even know it’s possible? does it mean than most visitors don’t get a chance to see the larger sized versions and the site looks rather dull as a result?

i really can’t decide so i need opinions - big pictures or small?

(in case you’re considering the effect against the header image the current one is temporary - the new one will have a white background, so should feel a little cleaner and not overpower the post images so much)